Yucca Valley Material Lab offers intensive artist residencies, workshops and convenings about material discoveries. The program fosters connections to the emerging, vibrant artist communities in the high deserts of Southern California.

A space for thinking through making, YVML offers residencies to designers, artists and craftspeople to explore a wide range of material, with a focus on kiln-formed glass. Artists may apply individually or as a collaborative team. Residencies last up to three weeks and include lodging, full access to the lab, technical assistance and opportunities for intellectual exchange through panel discussions, lectures, studio visits and workshops. The lab is shared with multi day workshops led by internationally established artists and designers. Applications are reviewed once year by a revolving panel of peers.

YVML offers introductory to advanced workshops focused primarily on kiln-formed glass taught by internationally established artists and designers

YVML is partnered with Asphodel (NYC), High Desert Observatory (Yucca Valley) and Bullseye Glass Co (Portland, OR).

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Yucca Valley Material Lab’s public workshops are taught by established artists and designers introducing conceptual and traditional glass art, with a specialty in kiln-formed casting.

Heidi Schwegler, founder of the Yucca Valley Material Lab and resident artist, works closely with workshop instructors, residents and interns. Workshops are offered at different levels as well as additional public programs and invitational master classes beginning Fall 2019.


Heidi Schwegler

Mold Making

Heidi Schwegler explores a wide range of materials in the service of her subject matter. Drawn to the peripheral ruin, she deftly incorporates found objects with traditional craft and sculpture media. “When [an object] is no longer contextualized by function and ownership, the discarded thing's anonymity and ambiguity render it pervious to the imagination,” she says, approaching such things as a source of investigation. “I consider its formal qualities as raw material—but a very particular raw material that is both new and an indicator of past use, past value and past purpose.”

Heidi Schwegler is an artist in Yucca Valley, CA and founder of the Yucca Valley Material Lab. Her sculptural work is in the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum, currently on view in the Hoffman Galleries of the Northwest Art wing.


Michael Endo

Kiln-formed Glass
Glass Painting
Fused Glass
Glass Casting
Drawing and Painting

Michael Endo’s studio practice integrates glasswork, drawing, painting and sculpture. His work depicts boundary spaces that exist between wild space and organized society, presenting scenes where his interest in alternative communities; the relationship between space and psychology; occult knowledge; eschatology; ecology and the uncanny converge.

Michael Endo is an artist and curator based in Yucca Valley, CA. He is lead instructor and member of the advisory council for Yucca Valley Material Lab, the co-founder of the High Desert Observatory, and the Curatorial Consultant for Bullseye Projects. Endo’s studio work has been included in national and international exhibitions at venues such as the National Glass Centre, Disjecta, Yuan Yuan Art Center and Bullseye Projects.

In addition to his curatorial and studio practices, he is a frequent lecturer and teaches classes at all levels. Recent course venues include Bild-Werk Frauenau Academy,  Pilchuck Glass School, Urban Glass, Northlands Creative Glass, Portland Community College, and Oregon College of Art and Craft.


Emily Endo

Kiln-formed Glass
Glass Casting

Emily Endo’s sculptural work integrates glass, sensory experience, natural materials, and found objects to explore themes of water, the human body, nature and transformation. “I am drawn to the disparate, yet conjoined, histories of science and mysticism and the ways this combination manifests in the mythologization of natural phenomena, metamorphosis in particular.”

Emily Endo is an artist in Yucca Valley, CA. She is lead instructor and member of the advisory council for Yucca Valley Material Lab and co-director of the High Desert Observatory. She has exhibited and lectured internationally at venues such as the Scottish Glass Art Society, the Museum of Contemporary Craft, the American Craft Council, Portland Art Museum, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Emily served as a faculty member at the Oregon College of Art and Craft from 2010-2018 and as the Chair of the OCAC Fibers Department from 2013-2018. From 2010 - 2018 she worked as a mentor and committee member in the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft Applied Craft + Design MFA program. Emily has worked with students of all ages and abilities - from 2010 - 2012 she taught visual arts classes at PHAME Academy for adults with developmental disabilities and children’s wilderness survival and craft classes at Trackers NW.


board of directors

Ryan Burghard
Artist, Educator and Public Art Coordinator
Portland, Oregon

Karl Burkheimer
Artist and Educator
Portland, Oregon

Lisa A. Kahlden
President and CFO, Anthology of Recorded Music
Brooklyn, New York

Jason Loeffler
Gallery Director, Asphodel Gallery
Brooklyn, New York

Heidi Schwegler
Founding Director, Yucca Valley Material Lab
Yucca Valley, California