open studio rentals



If you’ve completed at least one class at Yucca Valley Material Lab, you are eligible to attend Open Studio sessions. Bring your Bullseye glass to YVML and enjoy access to tools, kilns and non-glass supplies. There is an orientation but no instruction during Open Studio sessions., however a YVML staff member will be present. You must have the basic knowledge and skills to complete your project. Advance registration is required.

Sign Up
– Open Studio session can be reserved in hour increments by emailing YVML at

– Bring or purchase your own Bullseye glass. No glass will be provided. 

– Basic tools and glass cleaner will be provided.

– A YVML staff member will be present during Open Studio.

– Kilns must be programmed by a YVML staff member (or under staff member supervision).

– Projects must be composed entirely of Bullseye glass—including accessory glass like dichroics, frit, stringer,etc. Unless approved by YVML staff prior to rental.

– You may share kiln space with another artist, but YVML is not responsible for making such arrangements.

– Since studio storage space is limited, you may not leave materials or tools in the studio, and you must pick up your fired pieces in a timely fashion.

– YVML is not responsible for damage to items left on the premises or projects that fail due to customer negligence or error.

– YVML staff has the right to refuse to fire any piece at any time if they feel the project will damage our equipment.

The basic rate or Open Studio sessions at YVML is $5 an hour

Additional Fees
Kilns (YVML operates and runs the kilns for you)
Paragon Pearl 56 $90 a day
Paragon Bench Tops $25 a day
Janus Casting Kiln $40 a day
ThinFire shelf paper (20” x 20”") $3.50
Slump mold rental $5 per mold

Coldworking (angle grinder, tile saw, dremel with an assortment of diamond bits, pneumatic polisher – must have own pads)
$20 an hour

$60 an hour

– Anyone between the age of 15 and 18 must have a parent sign the Registration Form and Emergency Contact Sheet to participate in studio activities.

– Smoking is not allowed in any area of the studio or building.

– No pets are allowed in the studio.

– The correct eye protection is required when working in any area of the studio, with glass or assisting others.

– Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times when working in any area of the studio, e.g. no flammable fabrics such as polyester or rayon while working with the kilns.

– Appropriate footwear is required when working in any area of the studio; shoes must have closed toes and backs. No flip flops or open toe shoes.

– If you have long hair you must tie it back when working in any area of the studio

Safety & Security (fire extinguishers, exits, bathroom)
– In the event of a fire, please leave the building immediately through the nearest available exit.

– All accidents, no matter how minor, should be reported immediately to a staff member. A First Aid Kit is located on the east wall by front door.

– Any broken and/or defective equipment should be reported immediately to a staff member.

– Do not leave valuables unattended. The studio is not responsible for theft or damage to personal articles or work left in the facility.

– Fire Extinguisher is mounted on east wall by front door.

Due consideration should be shown for individual welfare and for the welfare of others when working.

Workspaces should be kept clean and tidy during working. On completion of projects or classes students are required to clean up their work areas.

You must clean your work area when you are finished. This applies to all areas used.

Cleaning must be completed during your time slot.

Flat Glass and Kilnforming Area
Suitable eye protection is a requirement at all times when cutting or working with glass.

  • Dust masks are a requirement when undertaking mold making, shelf preparation, working with fine frit, powdered glass or enamels or glass painting.

  • Do not place anything on top of the kilns.

  • The job of modifying any kiln controller or computer is the responsibility of the staff unless otherwise authorized.